More lovely ideas! This time it's a DNS Configurator..

How about this:

	A DNS Configuration Tool that can generate DNS configurations
.hosts, .rev and .boot files and send them to email, editors running on
remote hosts, editors running on local hosts, web pages, etc,

	Here's how it works:  You configure the DNS through some sort of
UI.  There's a little icon on the corner of the ui.  You can drag this
icon/button to gedit and up pops a little popup menu that lists all the
dns files that this "configurator" should have generated in order to allow
DNS to run.  When you click on one of them it effectively pastes that file
into the editor.  This could also work if one was using a shell editor on
a remote host, when one dragged the icon to the shell the menu would popup
and it would paste the appropriate file into the remote shell editor! This
is the same approach I propose for the find utility.  The command that the
find utility would generate would function in a similar fashion.  You
could drag the find command text, by clicking and dragging an icon in the
find utility , to an editor, an email or the shell and have it pasted to a
batch file, or pasted to the command line and either executed or
augmented.  It could also be pulled to the toolbar of the shell and made a
"shell command button". 

	What do you think guys?  This is a great way to integrate the
shell and a user interface without hiding anything from the user.  It is
also a good method because if we could make a consistant icon for this
kind of thing people would know that they could get the actual
configuration file or shell command just by dragging it off the app into
an editor! 

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