gnome libs

I'm sorry.  I must be the only one with these GNOME CVS issues. 
After getting a fresh tar.gz of gtk and installing that, I figured that I
had resolved the widget ref/unref issues and could move on.  

But since so much time had passed, I decided to get a fresh copy of the
gnome-lib -core etc files.  When I did so, it became apparent that now
gdk_imlib was required so i made a quick trip the RHAD ftp site and picked
up imlib.  All was well

Now that I had done that, I began with a 
make distclean --with-x --with-included-gettext 

Configure turned up no issues that would prevent it from compiling.

So i began the make and it went quite a ways before giving me an error
about GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_TOGGLEBUTTON undeclared as well as

Now, i realize that the CVS stuff is highly volatile and any attempt at
working with it should be taken with a grain of salt and lots of patience.
It just seems that every time i attempt to tackle it, my point of entry
into comprehension is little bit off.  I'd be grateful to anyone who can
help me resolve this issue as well as give me pointers on how to handle
upcoming issues.  Thanks a lot.



PS. Yah, I did RTFM.


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