RE: Themes Themes... Drool time?

> > ALL drawing code is outside of gtk (currently i have only moved
> butotn
> > drawing code out). the theme contains all the code to do this - so
> gtk
> > doesn't have any drawing code anymore. thsi makes gtkbuton about
> > 400 lines shorter- and makes it cleaner. the theme library contains
> the
> > drawing code - if no theme is specified the default theme library is
> > loaded to do the drawing - which loosk just like what you have now.
	[Joel Dillon[]]
>   It seems better to have a 'default' drawing code built into gtk
> in case loading the .so fails for some reason (library corruption,
> dodgy paths or whatever). Putting everything in .so's adds something
> else to go wrong ;)
Pooh pooh.  That's like saying all progams should be statically linked
in case the shared lib can't be loaded.  Senseless waste!


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