Re: Reflections on Gnome from longtime GUI User..


First, very many thanks for your report.

> Gnome-Mines. Getting There...
> 	Needs a help menu I think.. BTW , the help menu should be over on
> the far right hand side.. I know this is a Windows95ism but it's just
> easier for me to know that file's on my left and help is on the far right
> without having to run my eyes over the rest of the menubar. 

> Same-Gnome. Some small details..
> 	Pretty much looks complete...Help menu on the right would be an
> added bonus, with some sort of HTML walk through.  I know this is probably
> coming in the next version. 
I'm the (unofficial) meintainer of gnome-mines and same-gnome... I miss too the
help menus at the right, now some people (marc and drmike, maybe?) are working
on the help system, so in the next versions of these games the help is going
to be there (well, when i write some docs for them... :-) )

Oops, you've forgotten revising gnome-hello :-)

> General Comments
> *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
> 	Just a couple general comments before I wrap up.  I really can't
> wait till Gnome gets printing as even though printing isn't that sexy it's
> extremely useful for people who have to communicate with the hard copy
> world who like paper better than email attachments.  
Err, some Gtk+ people is working on it. And afaik the DPS work is going to
help us getting wysiwyg apps...

> If you guys can
> implement graphics drag and drop between applications people will love
> gnome too as this is something that has been rare in the Linux GUI world
> but is extremely usefull and almost taken for granted in the commercial
> operating systems world. 
Gtk+ has some way to do it. Miguel is working on adding it to the File Manager.

> Also make sure that the APIs are well
> documented, possibly with some sort of autodocumentation tool as having
> programmed on Unix, Windows and Mac, the thing I like about programming
> most on other platforms is their extensive online documentation. 
I'm working on it and Eric M. Ludlam ( has offered some

> exceptions).  Let's take advantage of there victory over Apple in the
> patentability of "look and feel" lawsuit and make use of their findings in
> this area. 


> Guerrilla Usability Lab for Gnome
> *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
> 	Go out and get someone who just barely knows how to use a computer
> and sit them down in front of your computer with your gnome app and see if
> they can figure it out.  See where they get stuck and find out how you can
> make it easier for them! 
Here i've a complete usability lab (my sisters and brothers, from 4 to 13
years old :-) )

> Maybe we should setup some sort of voting web
> page were people can express their likes and dislikes for certain user
> interface elements. 

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