Re: [Fwd: GNOME guidelines]

>  I'm forwarding this on to the gnome-gui list...mostly just because I
>  don't know.  Also, this has to be added to the developer's guide and
>  should probably be discussed in the style guide as well since the UI is
>  impacted.
>  --Chris
>  With KDE applications, there is something to easily translate an application 
>  in another language: klocale->translate("mystring").
>  Is there such a thing for GNOME?
>  Emmanuel Rousselle

Yes.  Gnome uses the GNU gettext package for internationalization (I
hate typing that!) :-)

Look at the gnome-libs/gnome-hello/gnome-hello-2-i18n.c example to see
how to use the i18n features.  It is very easy.


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