Re: [Fwd: GNOME guidelines]


 From: Federico Mena Quintero <>
 Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 08:52:57 -0600
 >Yes.  Gnome uses the GNU gettext package for internationalization (I
 >hate typing that!) :-)
 >Look at the gnome-libs/gnome-hello/gnome-hello-2-i18n.c example to see
 >how to use the i18n features.  It is very easy.

 WoW, I'm very interesting that source code.  But I can't find it.

   # ls
   gettext-0.10/           gmp-2.0.2/              gnome-0.12/
   gtk+-0.99.3/            guile-1.2/              slib2c0/
   # find . -name gnome-hello-2-i18n.c -print

 Where is it ?  It's only from CVS Tree ?

  _o/ Fumio.Chisaka ( )
  // ..._o       Think Gnome!

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