Re: PROPOSAL: UISG Menu Line Standardization

Bowie wrote:
> > > o File, Edit, and View are optional items. Some programs will
> > >   never need to load/save files, for example. Some programs
> > >   will never need to edit anything. Some programs will never need
> > >   to alter the user's view. (?)'marked.
> > I believe Edit to be a mandatory item, as this is the logical place for all
> > cut&paste operations.  Every Gnome compliant application should have cut&paste
> > features.
> Cut & Paste operations aren't necessary on crude apps. Take a little
> program which just pops a nice window on your screen with a screenblanker
> running in it. How are you going to cut and paste from a screenblanker?
> Example: xlock -inwindow -mode ifs &
Why not mandate that the edit menu be there anyway?  What if it pops down
and copy/paste/cut/clear/whatever are disabled?  It seems to me that a
disabled edit menu makes more sense because, as "consistency is king" (not
my phrase), it makes applications consisent.

william r. tipton

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