> Tom, why don't you look around, there is no single "program menu" idea out
> there, there are like three or four.  And there's at LEAST one other person
> on the record who agrees with me.

(For the record, i'm with Dan on this issue. Over the past 10 years or so,
its been a popular practice to throw menu items under submenus where they
really dont belong--due to the fact that there simply wasnt an appropriate
place for them (Example-- "About.." .. under Winblows, its in Help. Under
AmigaDOS, its under file. The new "Program" menu is exactly where it
belongs, along with items such as "How to Register.." , "How to contact
the author", etc.. And its going to take alot to convince me that anything
else is a better idea.

> The big points of contention I'm having is that Program shouldn't suck up
> the contents of File, that Program should really just be the
> Gnomeprint(which appears to be the consensus), that both Program *and* File
> deserve to have Exit commands, and that renaming File is a really bad idea.
Agreed. However, it breaks consistancy to have "Exit" in File, and another
"Exit" in Program. Instead, "Exit" belongs in Program, and * "Close" *
belongs under file. "Exit" was also another one of those menu items that
people couldnt really find a good home for. I mean, think about it.. 

......exiting..a file? :)

Consistancy is king. Remember that.


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