Tom Vogt writes:
 > Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
 > > Anyway, the *INTERFACE* reason is that Close now can mean:
 > > 1)  Close WIndow(whatever that means)
 > > 2)  Close File
 > > 3)  Close Application
 > "File"->Close
 > and
 > "Program"->Exit
 > does anyone see any source of confusion there? I don't. your point is mood,
 > dan, exactly BECAUSE of the "Program" menu.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I don't think that too many WinDOS/MacOS
users would be lost in the transistion, either; there are examples of
this sort of menu in both systems. 

And yes, at a *code* level, exiting an app does close files. How
many users concern themselves with that, though? Just wondering.

My take on it is: Program deals with the program (although I go for
the Gnomeprint icon, HCI warts and all--see other post). File deals
with the file(s). I think the conceptual split is important and

I'm with you on this one, Tom.


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