Generation of HELP sub-menus

I've written a small Gnome application that uses the standard
gnome_app_create_menus mechanism.  This works, but the application is
so small that the menu bar seems way more than is needed for the few
menu options available.  I'd like to omit the menu bar, and just have
a mouse-click activated pop-up menu, like so:

    | Help   -> | -> +---------------+
    | Config -> |    | About         |
    | Exit      |    +---------------+
    +-----------+    | Introduction  |
                     | Options       |
                     | Configuration |

The main menu creation is easy enough.  The problem is that I'd like
to keep the same "Help" sub-menu that is currently generated by the
gnome_app_create_menus function.  I can't see any way to create this
help submenu outside of using the gnome_app_create_menus function.  It
seems that the gnome_app_add_help_menu_entries function is close to
what I'm looking for, but this is declared static, and I can't see an
obvious way to get access to this functionality through any of the
public functions.

If anyone has found a clean way to do this, I'd greatly appreciate
some guidance.  TIA.

-- John Kodis.

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