Re: The Help Menu

Lars Torben Wilson writes:
 > Tom Vogt writes:
 >  > Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
 >  > > Lets trash the idea of abbreviations.  That's just BAD.
 >  > 
 >  > you mind if I wait for more  people to speak  their mind? I HAVE noted that
 >  > you and bowie don't like the short version. it's just that I would like to
 >  > hear more people say something.
 > In that case, let me drop out of lurk mode to say that I think that
 > abbreviations *in general* need to be avoided. Specific instances may
 > justify themselves, but the justification presented thus far for
 > 'Prog' is pretty weak. Not to mention that 'Prog', IMHO, sounds very
 > Mickey Mouse.

Sorry--quick followup to myself. Just asked my wife what a menu item
named 'Prog' would mean to her. (She's very intelligent but doesn't
use the computer that much.) She just sorta looked at me and said
'Eh? I dunno.'


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