Re: French GNOME team coordinator

Hi Stéphane,

This is with my GTP Spokesperson hat on.

Yesterday at 23:05, Stéphane RAIMBAULT wrote:

> To whom it may concern,
> I am a candidate for the new French GNOME team coordinator position.

Thanks for your candidature.  I've decided to give Christophe another
ten days to come up with the proposal of the new coordinator (since
we've waited this long already), and before accepting any new offer
from him, I'll consult several other French-speaking GNOME developers
to see how they feel about it (and I am thinking of at least vuntz,
seb128, bdejean: these are people I have full trust in already).

If Christophe doesn't come up with a replacement until January 1st, I'll
make Benoit the temporary coordinator, so it will be up to him to
decide on the future replacement (which can happen the very same day).

OTOH, if Christophe agrees with your assignment (my French is
virtually non-existent), then we're all set.  RedFox?

Otherwise, I'll ask you to please keep the GNOME French coordinator
discussions on gnomefr lists, and if nothing happens before January
1st, it'll be as simple as proposing yourself to Benoit, who would
announce the change along with yourself (or any other candidate).


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