[gnome-es] [Bug 737944] "Enceder" instead of "Encender"

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--- Comment #2 from Laura Arjona Reina <larjona fsfe org> 2014-10-08 18:45:44 UTC ---
Thanks for fixing.

I was not sure about my version of GNOME, I just did a dpkg -l | grep
gnome-core and found out:

ii  gnome-core      1:3.8+8                               amd64        GNOME
Desktop Environment -- essential components

But now I have had dpkg -l | grep gnome and I see packages with version 8.8,
others with 3.12 and others with 3.14.

The Debian wiki says GNOME is being upgraded to 3.12; I suppose eventually all
my packages will be upgraded to 3.12 (or maybe to 3.14, who knows!).
Thanks again

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