[team-gnome-gr] Are you satisfied with your development experiences?

Hello GNOME developers, 

I sincerely invite you to an online-survey: http://www.unipark.de/uc/os/?a=  held by University of Munich. It focus on developers´ motivation of participating in open source project and turnover of developers. And it can also be considered as a platform for you to tell us your satisfaction or dissatisfaction of your developing experience. 

NOTE: Although you are a member of project GNOME, it does not necessarily mean that in this survey you choose GNOME as the topic. If you have been involved in more than 1 open source projects, please recollect the project you have already DISCONTINUED working on, otherwise, please recollect the project you work on with lowest frequency.

I am sorry that it sounds a little bit discouraging, but it´s just the point of this study, shedding light on the influential factors of open source development and making everyone´s contribution worthwhile.



Viele Grüße,

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