Re: [glib][GDateTime] API and string freeze break request

12.02.2018 22:38 mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 1:54 PM, Rafal Luzynski
<digitalfreak lingonborough com> wrote:
Thank you. So here I have the feedback from the i18n team, as
Alexandre said I don't need an approval yet. What about any feedback
from the documentation and release team? Maybe I don't need an
approval as well?

You do need two approvals from release-team. This is your first,

Thank you.

because I assume this change is unlikely to break application unless
they use the new API.

Define "break". Sure, under no condition it causes any crash, sigsegv,
etc. Only makes some applications (dates, calendars) look ugly if this
patch is not applied or if it is applied incorrectly. As much as possible
I'm trying to address all affected places and I hope to manage this task.
Although I'll appreciate any help.



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