Re: [glib][GDateTime] API and string freeze break request

12.02.2018 18:11 Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com> napisał(a):

2018-02-08 1:22 GMT+01:00 Rafal Luzynski <digitalfreak lingonborough com>:
* String changes: new forms of month names will have to be added.
Bad news: for all (really all) languages. Good news: in 90% of languages
it will be just a copy of existing month names; also these month names
will be actually used only on those systems which do not yet provide
them (the latest glibc 2.27 supports all, BSD partially). Does anybody
have a superpower to insert the month names if the translators are

I’m, obviously, very much in favor of this change, as should be other
translators of affected languages.

Thank you. So here I have the feedback from the i18n team, as Alexandre
said I don't need an approval yet. What about any feedback from the
documentation and release team? Maybe I don't need an approval as well?

I suppose we could review and push a patch that adds translations for
month names in less active languages, especially since it should be a
relatively simple import of glibc/CLDR data.

This would be perfect, if needed.



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