Re: UI freeze request for swell-foop (gnome-games)

Hi Robert,

On Thu, 2012-03-08 at 12:29 +1100, Robert Ancell wrote:
> I'd like to request a UI freeze exception for Swell Foop in the GNOME
> Games project.  

UI changes => please CC gnome-doc-list@ for potentially required
documentation updates.
Also see

> We have a new version [1] that Sophia Yu (our GNOME
> Outreach Program intern) working on during the cycle and it is now
> ready for release.  It has the small change from the existing version
> of using toolbar instead of the status bar in the current version and
> using GMenu instead of a traditional menubar.

The screenshots on
were already outdated for 3.2 so this change would not make things
worse... Maybe I can update them later today.

> In particular the reasons for wanting to get this new version in this
> cycle instead of in 3.6 are:
> - The old Swell Foop is not well maintained and has a number of bugs
> - This means we can completely drop Javascript for gnome-games 3.4
> which reduces the skillset required to maintain gnome-games

Which code is the release-team exactly expected to review? ?
Also see my comment 23.

By the way, the patch does not add new untranslated strings.
That's good as we are under string freeze already. :)

> Thanks,
> --Robert
> [1]

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