Re: Revisit "your name on the top bar"

One drawback of relying on the location of the user menu is that it
won't survive customization.

Documenting for the default setup will work for most use cases.
Beginning users won't customise, and those who do get to customization
should know enough to figure it out - although distros that customize
the theme may provide a different default.

"Speech bubble" is a common term for the icon used for the User Menu.


"The speech bubble next to your user name (in the upper right corner by

- Josh

> On 06/28/2011 12:40 PM, Jim Campbell wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 4:00 PM, Kelly Sinnott <ksinnott5ht gmail com
>> <mailto:ksinnott5ht gmail com>> wrote:
>>     Ok, I just did a test on two people, both Windows users who are
>>     completely unfamiliar with GNOME:
>>     #1 is a bit more comfortable with computers. I told him to "click
>>     the menu in the upper right corner" He went straight for the right
>>     place with his mouse and clicked it. He suggested that I add "far
>>     upper right" (possibly because my monitor is obscenely big)(.
>>     #2 uses Windows regularly but is a bit hesitant. I told her the same
>>     thing. She moused around in the corner, asking "is this a menu?
>>     which one is the menu?" she opened all of them, so I'm assuming she
>>     would have eventually found a menu item she was directed to click.
>>     She thinks that we should describe the icon next to the name, since
>>     that will still be there. She called it the "text box", the "chat
>>     bubble", the "word bubble", and "the balloon like in the
>>     comics"...not a bad idea since we use descriptions of the other
>>     icons, like the accessibility person. 
>> I like the use of "menu in the far upper right corner," because it is
>> specific on location without requiring us to describe what it looks
>> like. Perhaps even calling it the "user bubble menu, placed in the upper
>> right corner," could work. That's an awful lot of words, though. I can
>> try these approaches out on some coffee house folks tomorrow and report
>> back.
>> Does anyone know of any threads where the shell developers are calling
>> it anything? It would be good to know if they are already using any
>> words so that we can contribute to those discussions, too.  (Or at least
>> let them know that we're thinking of words for this feature, too.)
>> Jim
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