Re: GNOME Color Manager

On 18 June 2010 12:31, Phil Bull <philbull gmail com> wrote:
> Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you about this. I've
> reviewed the document, and completely agree with your assessment.
> There's plenty of useful content there, but the structure could
> definitely use some work.

Yes, thanks. The document kinda 'evolved' rather than being planned
and written, which I guess shows.

> My recommendation is to convert the document to Mallard format and
> divide it into logical topics, which will make it much easier to
> structure. Users will find it easier to navigate too. If you like, I can
> do the initial conversion to Mallard and we can find a new contributor
> to work on polishing the resulting document. Myself or another doc team
> member can then do a final review and edit for style, spelling, and
> grammar.

Yes please. If you do the initial conversion, and leave FIXMEs where
you think we're missing content (compared to other modules) I can
marshal the guys on the GCM mailing list and get some required content
for you.

If you work on a branch ('mallard-conversion'?), and push it to gnome
git I'll pull it into master before I do the next release.

> If this sounds good to you, could you send through a few brief "user
> profiles" for GNOME Color Manager, please? We're interested in who your
> target user groups are, why they're using GCM, what they're trying to
> achieve by using it etc.

Right, for this you probably want my brain bump here: -- just search for the
"typical users" section.



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