Yelp 3.0 Status and Planning

Hey folks,

There have been a few questions about the yelp-3-0 branch
lately, so I thought I'd post a rundown of where things
are and what needs to be done.

In yelp-3-0, most of the hard stuff is being moved into
a library called libyelp.  This is in-tree for now as I
work on things.  It will move into its own repository

This whole process involves some cleanup and a complete
rewrite of the URI-parsing code to not require Rarian to
construct its indexes.  This is a major bottleneck for
startup times.

Here's what's done:

* URI parsing and handling is pretty solid.
* Mallard transformations work.
* DocBook transformations work.

Here's what remains, roughly in order of what I consider
highest priority to lowest.

* Search.  Neither of the search backends in Yelp 2.x
  has a big future.  We need to see what Tracker can
  provide for us.
* Printing.
* Bookmarks.
* The listing of all installed documentation.  Note
  that this won't be the default front page for Yelp
  in 3.0.  We'll default to the desktop help.
* Man pages.
* Info pages.

I also want to change the internals of the DocBook
code to make it only process each chunk on demand.
This should help in perceived processing speed for
DocBook documents.

Shaun McCance

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