Re: Controlling 3rd-party content in Mallard

How about this: Have a little sub-team of Docs. that handles this job:
people who want their docs. to be included in the system-docs have to
contact this team and when they do one of us can go ahead review the
docs. throughly and then put it for release. Phil going back to your
idea of service-packs we could include those new docs. in the
service-packs releases if the release team likes this idea.

Vikram Dhillon

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On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 2:48 PM, Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2010/1/23 Phil Bull <philbull gmail com>:
>> We've been discussing Mallard quite heavily on the Ubuntu Docs list over
>> the past week. One issue that came up (via Kyle Nitzsche, see his
>> original message here [1]) is that people could install their own pages
>> in the same directory as the official Ubuntu documentation.
> Probably I'm not getting the Real problem here, but this looks more
> like a packaging problem to me.
> And I think that it can happen even now, Mallard or not: a bad-done
> third-party package that installs something in the wrong directories
> (it replaces all the xml files of a particular directory).
>> In some situations this would be useful, for example when a different
>> default browser is chosen. The potential for misuse is massive, though;
>> third-party developers could pretty much take over the official docs if
>> they wanted to, putting links to their content in irrelevant places.
> I've never ventured that much into the "external" linking in Mallard,
> the majority of links I've been using have a scope: the directory I'm
> writing in.
> I don't know how Mallard will handle, for example, a link from Empathy
> to Vinagre help. I think that I can insert a link to Vinagre in
> Empathy help, but that that link will not appear in the other
> application help, otherwise, when I open Vinagre help, there should be
> something that tells it that there's a link from Empathy to itself (to
> me, it looks like a challenging question to solve).
> Take for example a ghelp link in a Mallard page: if you insert a ghelp
> link pointing to a Mallard document, you get to open the document you
> link (same works with an old Docbook one), but the linked Mallard
> document will not know which documents link to itself.
> The interesting (and probably challenging) thing could be to insert a
> ghelp link without specifying its text (<link>text</link> -> <link
> />), and Yelp could look up the info and title of the document from
> the of that document, or from the relevant information if
> you are not linking the, but a topic instead.
> So, if third-party developers need to link some other help inside
> their help, I think it will not be a big problem. The problem could
> always be if they want to plug something into the existing help: they
> need to know what the infrastructure is, and how it works.
> Ciao.
> (Those are just my personal thoughts.)
> --
> Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>
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