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Am Dienstag, den 21.09.2010, 09:46 +0530 schrieb Bharath Acharya:
On Sun, 2010-09-19 at 13:27 +0100, Phil Bull wrote:
> > I think this is an area where integrating "Help" buttons into the
> > interface would really benefit users.

I agree.

> After the FAQ, it'd be great to revisit the topics in the existing
> documentation and filter it into the new format. There is a lot of
> goodness in the existing documentation (2.32) which can be inherited.

Oh... Where exactly in that document?

Am Sonntag, den 03.10.2010, 23:53 +0100 schrieb Phil Bull:
> Is there anyone in the Evolution community who would be interested in
> helping out with some of our plans?

I'll try(TM) to do some stuff(TM) in the future(TM).

> Here's a brief list of what we're doing/planning:
>       * Converting FAQ topics to Mallard
>       * Reviewing the existing Evolution docs and converting appropriate
>         topics to Mallard
>       * Organising a UI/string review

Alright. My plan:
     1. Identify popular topics / requests by reading the classic
        manual, the FAQ, and the recent postings on evolution mailing
     2. Think about priorities (Highest is day to day usecases and tasks
        often needed [e.g. you often create accounts but don't edit them
        once they work fine], anything else is less.)
     3. End up with a list of 300-400 issues that should become
        "guide" .page files. (Number kindly provided by Phil Bull's
        "Complexity Analysis »Mallard Seems Hot!« Ontology Tool".)
     4. Sort that list by priority. A bit at least.
     5. Publish that list here and get not much feedback.
     6. For those "guide" pages that nobody has a clue of: Ask and nag
        developers. (For example I don't have an Exchange or Groupwise
        account around and Novell couldn't provide the latter to me last
        time I asked.)
     7. Create stub pages and commit them with "draft" status to .
     8. Fill them with content and commit with "draft" status to .
     9. While doing that, simultaneously file bug reports at about strings that are not so cool(TM).
    10. Create some "topic" pages (I have a draft here on paper but it
        looks too much like expressionist dance to put it into words,
        but Phil said that it's not totally bad).
    11. Move stuff to
    12. Review, be happy, and let the translators do their durrty work.

(I'll probably do 10 before I'll do 8+9 anyway.)

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