Evince topics on Annotations and SyncTeX required

Hi guys,

I've mostly finished the new Mallard help files for the Evince document
viewer [1]. A couple of features new for Evince 2.32 are missing topics,

Annotations: You can now add annotations to PDFs in Evince. See [2] for
a demonstration. Topics are required explaining how to add and remove
annotations, customise them, and navigate them. They should be quite

SyncTeX: This makes Evince a better previewer for TeX documents. SyncTeX
matches page elements in the PDF with lines of a source TeX file, so you
can easily switch between viewing an element in the viewer and in the
editor. I think editor support has been added in Geany too. Topics are
required to explain what SyncTeX is, how to add support for it in your
TeX tools, and how to use Evince to flip back to the editor using it. A
list of supported editors may also be useful. These topics will be more
complicated to write.

Is anyone interested in writing some, or all, of these topics? No
knowledge of Mallard is required; I'll happily accept text-only



[1] - http://gitorious.org/evince-mallard-docs
[2] -

Phil Bull
Book - http://nostarch.com/ubuntu4.htm

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