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Le dimanche 28 juin 2009 à 18:30 -0400, Bruno a écrit :
> Hello,
> In today's meeting, you guys asked for a small intro, so there it is:
> I'm new in the whole contributing to open source (other than small bug
> report). I joined ubuntu-doc not long ago. phillbull recommended me to
> join up to the meeting because we'll do some work about Mallard. I
> don't have all the details yet but it sounds really interesting.
> About me: english is my second language, but I know a lot about
> documentation in general. I work in a services company called
> Revolution Linux. We're using Ubuntu LTS as our platform. My first job
> was doing first line support, so I used the documentation made by the
> others. The documentation wasn't always the best. After a couple of
> month, I've created a template for the client's documentation and
> since then, the quality of documentation greatly improved. I quickly
> became the "master of the documentation" in the company. After that, I
> became involved into training. A good training needs a good
> documentation so the user need to have cheatsheets, a guide or a
> reference "book". I became a training reviewer as well as a writer.
> That should be enough for an intro. If you have any question, just
> ask. Hope I'll make a good contribution to the group.

Bonjour Bruno,

Chaque fois que j'aperçois un francophone dans les parages, je lui mets
le grappin dessus :-)
Si jamais tu as un peu de temps à consacrer à la traduction des
documentations en français, n'hésite pas à prendre contact avec moi ou à
directement contribuer sur le site

D'autre part, au niveau de l'association GNOME-FR, nous sommes en train
de rechercher du soutien financier pour assurer les tâches de traduction
de manière plus régulière et sérieuse. Penses-tu que Revolution Linux
serait prêt à contribuer, même de manière très modeste ?

Mes amitiés à Stéphane Graber, si tu as l'occasion de le rencontrer ces


Claude Paroz

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