Re: Documenting the Doc Team

2009/6/17 Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org>:
> I've re-organized the front page into 4 sections:
> * Intro
> * News
> * Get Involved
> * Writing Documentation
> I've updated the News & Get Involved sections, including our contact
> information, community pages (including meeting schedules) and more.

Great work!

> There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in updating our wiki
> space, including the pages on Writing, Editing, and Translating.  We also
> need to update the Workflow page and expand the information on status
> tracking.

I'll be happy to write the Translating page.

(Shaun, have you talked with Danilo? Otherwise I'll contact him...)

> Lastly, I've created an official Documentation Project blog at
>, and I'm working on getting it added to
> More info to come!  What else would you like to see?  What would make it
> easier to contribute?

What about a "template" page where we can insert pre-formatted and
pre-compiled Mallard .page files: one for the "topic" and one for the

Other useful information that come to my mind:
 * naming file conventions (discussed briefly with Shaun at the
conference: no capital letters, use dash to separate words, avoid
using "the" "a" "in" in naming files, keep them as short as possible
and descriptive as possible)
 * better explanation of the version/revision numbering. We have a
"problem" now with Mallard: in the "past" there was usually one big
file and "usually" modifying the document meant a bump of the version
number. How can we handle it now? We will have small files, one per
topic: how can we handle the reversion/version numbering scheme? Do we
bump the number with a single modification of the file? We can end up
with file of the same set with different version, will it be a


Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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