Documenting the Doc Team

This past weekend, a few of us had the opportunity to attend the first Writing Open Source conference (

It was a phenomenal experience, and we had the chance to interact with other doc writers in other projects, such as BSD, Ubuntu, Drupal and XFCE.

We learned a lot, and now we're trying to put it into action.

One of those first things is re-organizing our documentation on our wiki site at

I've re-organized the front page into 4 sections:

* Intro
* News
* Get Involved
* Writing Documentation

I've updated the News & Get Involved sections, including our contact information, community pages (including meeting schedules) and more. 

Speaking of meetings, we are committed to having monthly team meetings, typically the last Sunday of the month.  We will also be holding weekly Q&A sessions, at different days and times to maximize as much participation as we can.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in updating our wiki space, including the pages on Writing, Editing, and Translating.  We also need to update the Workflow page and expand the information on status tracking.

Lastly, I've created an official Documentation Project blog at, and I'm working on getting it added to

More info to come!  What else would you like to see?  What would make it easier to contribute? 


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