Re: A Brief Introduction

Pete, thanks for the introductory email, and welcome!

You have great timing, as a number of us in the GNOME docs community are at a conference this weekend, so sorry for the slow response, but we're hacking and talking together this weekend on making GNOME docs even better in the future. 

One of the better places to start is our wiki page at  It is kind of out of date (one of my goals for the conference is to actually sprint for an hour and do some cleanup).  Take a look at the GNOME Style Guide in particular at and the recommended terminology at

All of our GNOME documentation is also available on the web at if you there are any specific apps you want to look at.

If you want to check out a project, review the wiki page for Git at to check out a package under Anonymous access.  If you choose to fix some docs, you can submit a patch on GNOME Bugzilla at

You can also find us in #docs on GNOME IRC as well.

Welcome to the community!


On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 6:22 AM, Pete Charlton <pete charlton codethink co uk> wrote:

Hey guys.

My name is Pete Charlton, and I am a copy editor currently working for
Codethink Ltd.  Part of my job is the general editing and improvement of
documentation, and I have some time to spare for open source work, so I
thought I would offer to help out where I can.

For anyone not familiar with the role of a copy editor, also known as a
line editor in some companies, what I do is to go through a manuscript or
document line by line to check for proper word usage, consistent style and
tone, correct grammar and punctuation, and correct cross-references. I also
smooth out sentence and paragraph transitions to improve readability.

I am new to the gnome community, so I might need some help getting to use
any of the tools that may be required, but I would like to get involved.

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