[Fwd: Your "Developing with Gnome" tutorial]

Hello !

I would like to contribute to gnome, so I began to read the
documentation and saw that it wasn't up-to-date.

If the original author would agree, I would like to include this
documentation in the gnome wiki (live) and update it while I discover
all that.

On #gnome-love andre told me to send you a mail if I want to help, so
here I am.

Well my current goal is to fix Bug 121113 – Double-/single-click to
activate should follow Nautilus option, and it seems that the best way
to see it resolved is to contribute, doesn't it ? :)

Kind regards,
Mathieu Stumpf
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I'm trying to involve myself in the gnome project, so I began to read
the document you wrote.

It seems that it is not realy up-to-date, but I supose that most things
are still relevant. So I wanted to know if you'll agree that we put it
in a wiki (perhaps on http://live.gnome.org/ ) so parts that need it can
easily be updated.

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