Re: UI changes for control-center

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Shaun McCance<shaunm gnome org> wrote:

>> I agree that these proprietary applications are going to have to
>> change their docs.  And we will have to change some docs in GNOME too.
>>  Which docs in particular do you think need to be changed?  If this is
>> going to be a problem then I'll update the docs too.  Is that
>> necessary?
> For starters, the relevant sections in the User Guide.
> And then other material needs to be audited.  And we
> have to analyze the user impact to see if we need to
> add troubleshooting docs.
> I can't just tell you exactly what needs to be edited,
> because that's the hard part.  Typing words is a pretty
> small part of writing.  Deciding what needs to be written
> is where the real work is.

Looking over the user guide, there are sections

Configuring Your Desktop > Look and Feel > Appearance Preferences >
Interface Preferences


Configuring Your Desktop > Look and Feel > Windows Preferences

which will have to be axed along with the UI they describe.

And then there is this sentence:

You can also press-and-hold Alt and drag any part of the window.

in the section Desktop Overview > Windows > Manipulating Windows.
Worth pointing out that it is already a half-truth, since the current
UI makes the modifier configurable, which should be mentioned here.

My suggestion for Alt-click is to turn it off by default, since it
seems to cause problems for some apps, and the functionality is
available via the window menu anyway.


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