Re: Mallard Topic Types


2009/8/21 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:
> The ultimate goal is to have a set of types that covers
> the sorts of things we want to write about.  For each
> of these types, we want detailed recommendations about
> how to structure and write the page and a template to
> go along with it.
> This is all in the early planning phase.  Do feel free
> to add stuff or discuss what's there.  This is a team
> effort.

I was looking at the various topics listed there.

I'm not at all convinced about the "Tip" one. When I think of a tip
I'm thinking of some sort of really short information (a couple of
sentences), like a note, but not a real note, a hint or something
similar, that can be part of a task. "Hey, you know that..."

I used some "tips" and "notes" in Empathy docs, applying the "tip"
style where I thought it was not a real note, but like a clue given to
the reader.

Maybe I'm taking it the wrong way... Probably we should define when to
use notes and tips, what are notes and tips and warnings...

I really like the idea of the "screen" one. I'm thinking about
applying it to Empathy docs when you click the help button in the
create account dialog, so not only for preferences dialogs, but to
present the various topics you might be looking for when in that
particular situation, a summary of what you can do.

Tutorial, solution and task, looks good. I think tutorial can apply
also to assistant, explaining to the user in a more detailed way what
to do.

Concept: in the sense of explaining/presenting ideas?

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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