Re: Yelp fixes for Mallard

2009/8/15 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:
> Does your installation in /opt/gnome2 still have the DocBook
> file in it?  That is, does this file exist?
> /opt/gnome2/share/gnome/help/empathy/C/empathy.xml
> The way we're interpreting ghelp URIs, it's ambiguous when
> there is both a DocBook and a Mallard document.  Due to the
> way it happens to be implemented, DocBook wins.

Yes, I still had that file.

Now it gives me another problem though...

So, I cleaned up the whole help/empathy/ directory, make-cleaned
everything and recompiled empathy. Now yelp tells me:

File not found
The file '///opt/gnome2/share/gnome/help/empathy/C/empathy.xml' does not exist.

I decided also to recompile gnome-doc-utils (0.17.3), yelp (2.27.3)
and then empathy again. Same error as above.

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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