Cheese - UI/String changes

We have a new Wide Mode, an horizontal layout to optimize available
space in small screens like netbook ones.
It can be activated in the following ways:
- from gconf through the new /apps/cheese/wide_mode boolean key
- from the command line with the -w/--wide switch (this will override
the gconf key)
- from "Wide Mode" toggle action in the main menu (it triggers
on-the-fly widgets reparenting)
The state is saved in the gconf key so you will get last used mode at
startup (if not overridden from command line).
We eventually will add some screen size autodetection for mode
switching but I'm not completely sure I will do it and shouldn't break
UI freeze anyway.

There are 4 new strings related to this UI change, two for the new
menu action and two for the gconf schema.

Related commits for the strings:
And a bunch of other ones for the new mode, see recent history if interested.

Thank you for your awesome work!


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