New string in Orca

Hi all.

Yesterday a critical Atk bug was fixed (bug #591105). Phew! As a result,
however, there is a new string which Orca users may come across.
Therefore, I'm afraid we have another new string:

  #. Translators: this is one of the text attribute values for the following
  #. text attributes: "wrap mode." It corresponds to GTK_WRAP_WORD_CHAR,
  #. defined in the Gtk documentation as "Wrap text, breaking lines in
  #. between words, or if that is not enough, also between graphemes."
  #. See:
  #: ../src/orca/
  msgctxt "textattr"
  msgid "word char"
  msgstr ""

As always, we really appreciate all you do!

Thanks and take care.

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