Re: Empathy's help manual


Il giorno ven, 03/10/2008 alle 14.20 +0200, Xavier Claessens ha scritto:
> Hello,
> Milo Casagrande started the Empath's user manual some months ago.
> Unfortunately it still need lots of improvements and I don't think Milo
> continued to work on it.

Yes, it reeally needs lots of improvements!

I'm still kind of working on it, but due to lack of time I stopped. I
have a local branch with a new structure that I've never uploaded
(though the git branch is a little bit more update than what is in

> It would be great if someone from the gnome doc team could help Milo to
> finish the doc.

There were two people willing to help, I've contacted them, but they
never answered or get back to me.

Probably it's better to switch from using git (maybe git scares
people...) for hosting the manual code, to bugzilla and keep there track
of the progress.


Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande yahoo it>

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