Re: Restructuring and organising ( Rhythmbox ) documentation.

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 21:28 +0200, Mats Taraldsvik wrote:
> Hi!
> We are a handful of people who are redesigning the rhythmbox web site,
> and plan to reorganize and clean up the wiki( ( details:
> )
> What I would like to know, is:
> - Where is the current Rhythmbox User and Developer documentation?
> - If it exists, who maintains it?
> And, more general:
> - Where do you want the documentation to go? I'm guessing
> - I have noticed that there are mostly APIs in the developer section in
> Should we keep our developer guides on
>, or add them in
> I'd really like to get things right the first time, and you're the
> experts on documentation... ;)

The most recent maintainer listed for the Rhythmbox
documentation is Baptiste Mille-Mathias.  I'm not sure
if that's still accurate.  I've CC'd him.

All documentation lives in an appropriate module in SVN.
In this case, all the documentation should be in the
rhythmbox module.  The code that runs library picks up
documentation from known locations (tarball release,
I think), then builds and deploys automatically when
there's a new release.  We can certainly add whatever
documentation Rhythmbox has.

As for the developer documentation, I send an email
a couple months ago about a proposed restructuring
of the developer documentation on library:


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