Re: the state of control-center help

On 11.03.2008 20:08, Dylan McCall wrote:
(Since I don't, I will assume that others can fix this before I figure
it out myself

I'm not so sure of that, actually. The doc-team people are probably
the only ones who know how it works currently, and since they are
notoriously short on manpower and haven't acted on this for quite
some time (as you noted)...

Also out of date for documentation are capplets using PolicyKit. For
example, Network Administration and Users Administration. Those ones are
even more deserving to be release-critical bugs, since these have had a
significant change in function including a very, very important new
button and a lot of disabled options that will immediately confuse a lot
of people. That the screenshots are not showing this Unlock button would
tell any new user that something is broken. (I can hear the confused
phone call already: "Help, a virus locked my computer!")

FWIW, PolicyKit is not yet used in any upstream capplets, so that's
distribution business.


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