Re: the state of control-center help


At 12:22 PM -0400 3/11/08, Matthias Clasen wrote:
I notice that the latest round of reshuffling tabs between capplets
left the docs behind.
The mouse capplet help talks about a no longer existing pointer
capplet,  the keyboard
capplet help talks about a layout options tab (which has been turned
into a secondary dialog),
the appearance capplet has no working docs at all...

When the a11y tab was added to the mouse control panel, I
updated the config-mouse.xml that is located in the help directory of the
gnome-control-center in the svn, but it seems that it does not get used.

Moreover I announced the available documentation (which surely has to
be revised as I am not a member of the doc team) about the new mouse
a11y on this list, but it seems it went unnoticed:

If somebody of the documentation team is reading this, he might be
interested to know that there is the manual of mousetweaks in the
svn of mousetweaks, that might probably be used to create part of the
mouse accessibility documentation. (It describes the mouse a11y features
provided by mousetweaks.)



PS: Please don't get me wrong: this is not a complaint; it is a
new attempt to get the information about the existence of
documentation about the new mouse accessibility features to the right

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