Re: Little change in PolicyKit messages from gnome-panel

Hi Luca

On Jan 28, 2008, at 12:09 PM, Luca Ferretti wrote:

I've just committed little changes to messages from PolicyKit policies
for Clock applet:

  - Configuring the hardware clock requires privileges.
  - Privileges are required to configure the hardware clock.

This to match similar messages from PolicyKit package.

I know you're announcing this just as a courtesy, but ... I don't think the new string is an improvement, unfortunately. It's not really your fault, because you're following PolicyKit precedent, but really: "Privileges are required"? That makes no sense except to computer programmers. To non-programmer English speakers, privileges are things that can be granted, accorded, withdrawn, stripped, enjoyed, abused, or reserved, but never required.

More understandable ways of saying this would be:
*   "To set the clock, you need to authenticate as an administrator."
*   "To set the clock, you need to authenticate as a member of group

Where should I report the bug for fixing these messages in PolicyKit? I don't see a PolicyKit product or component in

Matthew Paul Thomas

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