Request for Freeze Break - Evolution


I have updated a plugin for Evolution - "external-editor"

Initially this was a experimental plugin and we had to move it to the
standard list of plugins. 

Hence, it involved some new UI Screens and strings (for error-message).
The current version in trunk is bare-bones and lacks error messages and
is unintuitive. 

The plugin is to enable an external editor say xemacs, to use as the
composer for Evolution, while composing new mails.

So a bug ( ) is  filed
and I have attached a patch
(  ) that
is reviewed, approved and tested. I request you to approve this
freeze-break request to commit the patch. 

The new UI screen added is the configure widget for the plugin - as
attached with the mail.

The new error messages added are:

- Editor not launchable
The external editor set in your plugin preferences cannot be launched. Try setting a different editor.

- Cannot create Temporary File
Evolution is unable to create a temporary file to save your mail. Retry later.

This feature is not documented so far as it was in experimental stage.
So there will be no documentation impact.  I will ensure that this gets
documented for Evolution 2.22 release, by working with Radhika (CCed)  

So the impact will be in Translation only. In case you want any of the
strings to be changed, please let me know so that I can change them as
well and commit the updated patch.

Sankar P

Attachment: external-editor-config.png
Description: Portable Network Graphics Format

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