Re: Word-a-Day: progress bar, progress indicator

Il giorno ven, 25/04/2008 alle 12.23 -0500, Shaun McCance ha scritto:

> I'd like to solicit ideas on two related types of controls.
> First, what about pie-filling progress indicators?  They
> clearly show actual progress, but they aren't bars.  Do
> we have a word for these things?

Progress indicators :-).

Maybe that's why Microsoft and Apple solicit using this terminology:
would they ever change how the widget is shown/rendered, the
documentation wouldn't need to change.

It's the already-discussed practice of separating what a widget does by
how a widget looks like.

> Second, what about countdown controls?  They basically
> look like progress bars (or sometimes "progress pies"),
> but the control moves backward.  They aren't showing
> progress.  Usually, they're showing a timeout.

I don't have any strong opinion on these, but what about "pulsing"
progress bars, the ones where a cursor move forward and backward inside
the bar, since there's no exact progress information? How do you call
them? They're quite used afaik (for example, try installing a package in


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