Re: Duck season! Rabbit season! Mallard season!

On Monday at 6:02, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

>> Well-designed source formats are easy to write.  There's no
>> single best-designed source format.  It depends on the domain.
> Agreed again.  On the other hand, if you design a custom XML application 
> and bake it into a dedicated editor and processing tools, changing it
> once you really understand the problem dmain will be hard -- so hard
> that a desire to avoid such changes is very likely to distort your
> thinking.

And that's the point: Shaun has been hacking on our docs for many
years now, he's done it outside of GNOME as well, and probably feels
he now "really understands the problem domain".

And I have full trust in that he does, so I feel comfortable with
Mallard, even if I understand only some bits behind it (with accent on
l10n :).


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