Re: Possible UI Freeze Break in Clearlooks

On Feb 15, 2007, at 1:04 PM, Andrea Cimitan wrote:
after: (here
we are showing an added style, btw the checkboxes and arrows are the
same accross all those styles).

Using clearlooks-cairo 2.8.x versions I've noticed i got few
difficulties reading checkboxes/radiobuttons, while with other engines
and previous version of clearlooks those widgets looked nicer and more
visible. The light color of the tick (taken from bg[SELECTED], and the
design of it was causing few usability problems with a lot of themes.

The color change is an improvement, because it increases the contrast between checked and unchecked states.

That's why i've proposed those new checkbuttons, more visible, with a
clean style, and that are using text[NORMAL] which is the correct /
logical color since the background of those widgets is taken from a
base[NORMAL] (in the past clearlooks was not supporting text[colors]
and just bg and base ones, that's why it wasn't implemented in 2.8.x
branch, but this was an _error_, not an improvement).
For usability point of view, error fixed (base[normal] and text[normal]
and not base with bg[selected]), better style I really think that's
there's no reason in remove those improvements.

Except for the good reason Calum already mentioned, that a cross can be confused with off state.

Throwing around vague words like "clean" and "better" doesn't help. In what way, precisely, is a cross better than a tick? If the concern is with the number of different pixels between checked and unchecked state, there are less confusing ways to increase that -- such as extending the checkmark beyond the box, and/or changing the background color of checked checkboxes. (Yes, I know, Aqua does both of those, but there are only so many ways to draw a checkbox.)

Gnome users are expecting nice improvements in 2.18 release, they will
use that release for 6 months, we _really_ should provide our new cool
stuff (remember kde4 is coming... :D)

Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but that's a series of non-sequiturs. How long people use 2.18 for has nothing to do with the ideal shape for Clearlooks checkmarks. The proximity of KDE 4 has nothing to do with the ideal shape for Clearlooks checkmarks. And changing the shape of checkmarks in checkboxes is not "new cool stuff", not even slightly.

(At the theme level, "new cool stuff" would be things like a rounded button option so that media players could be both theme-compliant and non-ugly while making Play larger than Rewind; sliders that looked like sliders instead of like sticking plasters; animated feedback on which item had been selected from a menu; and subtler control outlines that made the theme in general look less like a cartoon.)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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