Re: Mac OS X Tiger - Cannot build yelp

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 14:36 -0600, Jeff Carneal wrote:
> > [from config.log:]
> >> configure:26074: checking which gecko to use
> >> configure:26105: result: mozilla
> >
> > It's clearly auto-detecting mozilla as the gecko to use regardless of
> > what other geckos you may have installed. There's a ./configure flag
> > you can use to pick a different one.
> Ok, going to show my ignorance here... I've downloaded three  
> different packages from
> 1) mozilla - ? (can't find the source and don't remember the version)
> 2) firefox -
> 3) xulrunner -
> All three of those install as $prefix/mozilla-x.x.x where x.x.x  
> represents the version of whatever package I installed.  All three  
> are detected as mozilla in the configure, however.
> Any chance you can point me to a gecko that I can build that will not  
> detect as mozilla?
> >
> > Is this an intel Mac? Mozilla itself does not (and probably will not
> > ever) run there. Need to use one of the other mozilla-project
> > renderers (firefox is known to work late in the 1.5 series).
> It is an intel Mac.  I think I actually did get mozilla to build, but  
> it's been a bit now so I won't swear to it.  I believe on all three  
> of these I'm buliding the 'standalone' module only and installing  
> that.  Is that perhaps the problem?

The mozilla and Firefox applications are not helpful by themselves. They
do do not have the compile and linking information for building
applications with them. I believe you need the pkg-config information
for building. This is often provide in a -devel package. You can build
mozilla yourself to get the pkg-config information.

You probably want a package named mozilla-devel to compile yelp. Check
your packaging system (fink, darwin ports, ...) for the devel package.

If you are building all GNOME, you should be building mozilla (in which
case I suggest using jhbuild to manage the dependencies and build order: You can learn about building mozilla by
hand at


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