Re: Mac OS X Tiger - Cannot build yelp

On Jan 29, 2007, at 11:30 PM, Daniel E. Macks wrote:

Jeff Carneal <jeff-gnome soldmy net> said:

checking whether we have a gecko debug build... no
checking for gecko version... 1.8
configure: error: mozilla is not supported

I THINK I've got gecko from firefox installed properly (with
gtk2) but it installs as /usr/local/lib/mozilla-

You have firefox installed as "mozilla"? Seems like that's asking for
trouble, or at least something you may have to counteract later.

Either that or you have an actual mozilla installed as well as firefox. Either way:

[from config.log:]
configure:26074: checking which gecko to use
configure:26105: result: mozilla

It's clearly auto-detecting mozilla as the gecko to use regardless of
what other geckos you may have installed. There's a ./configure flag
you can use to pick a different one.

Ok, going to show my ignorance here... I've downloaded three different packages from

1) mozilla - ? (can't find the source and don't remember the version)
2) firefox -
3) xulrunner -

All three of those install as $prefix/mozilla-x.x.x where x.x.x represents the version of whatever package I installed. All three are detected as mozilla in the configure, however.

Any chance you can point me to a gecko that I can build that will not detect as mozilla?

Is this an intel Mac? Mozilla itself does not (and probably will not
ever) run there. Need to use one of the other mozilla-project
renderers (firefox is known to work late in the 1.5 series).

It is an intel Mac. I think I actually did get mozilla to build, but it's been a bit now so I won't swear to it. I believe on all three of these I'm buliding the 'standalone' module only and installing that. Is that perhaps the problem?

Any help is appreciated, and sorry for the delay in my reply.


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