Re: Request for very small UI change in Tomboy

On 2/9/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Le jeudi 08 février 2007, à 07:50, Sanford Armstrong a écrit :
> Release and Documentation Teams,
> I'd like to draw your attention to Bug 404739 ("Disable Import Of
> Sticky Notes Option If None Exist") [1].
> The proposed patch for this bug removes the "Import Sticky Notes"
> option from Tomboy's "Tools" menu if no Sticky Notes applet XML file
> is found on Tomboy startup.  This patch seems to break the UI freeze,
> so I am asking for approval to commit.

Is it better to not show the menu item (as done in your patch) or to
show it insensitive? I thought the latter was better from an HIG point
of view.

Normally I'd agree.  But I would guess that most Tomboy users who
haven't tried the Sticky Notes applet never will.  So for 80% of our
users, the option just takes up space.  This plugin is really meant as
a migratory path for existing Sticky Notes applet users.

Obviously I can change the patch to disable the option if people think
that follows HIG better.


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