Re: GDP Handbook -- Getting Started

--- Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
> We get potential contributors every single release
> cycle,
> and we lose nearly all of them because we have no
> process
> for integrating them into the team. 

True, sadly.

But I have also noticed that we have some contributors
each cycle who don't actually want to join the team
(either that or my recruitment pictch sucks).
They want to fix one particular bug in a manual, and
then move on.

Our documents -- wiki, GDP manual, style guide --
should be fixed so they have what they need.

> I have an automated status tool called Pulse that
> could
> alleviate a lot of these problems.  But I need a
> couple
> of hackers to help me finish it, and some web/admin
> folks
> to get it running on a big fat server.

More realistically, could we all agree to use the same
wiki page to keep track of who is working on what?
Could we actually have a list of the docs that are
under our jurisdiction, so we actually know what we're
supposed to be working on?
Could we spend a week or so doing a quickie review of
them, so we know roughly which are the priorities?

You surely have enough on your hands with Mallard.

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