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I'm really glad this has come up again. :)

On 23/05/2006, at 2:23 PM, Brent Smith wrote:

I've been looking at getting the manual page translations to work in
yelp.  There was a sorting/priority issue that I figured out with
respect to which man pages should have precedence (obviously translated
man pages for your $LANGUAGE should have precedence over others), but
now I am facing another problem.

It seems that man pages are not translated in utf-8. This means we have
to perform character set conversion between whatever code page is
appropriate for your language into UTF-8 (and then I need to rewrite the
man parser with utf-8 in mind).  Can anyone point me to some
documentation about how this is usually done?  Specifically, how do I
determine the appropriate character set conversion to do based on the
value of $LANGUAGE?

Bruno Haible has released a groff-utf8 patch, and is currently working on a full groff release which will support UTF-8.

I translated my pilot manpage:

in PO format, using the po4a converter. In its final manpage format, it reads perfectly using groff-utf8.

So I can't see why any manpage translated into a UTF-8 language wouldn't display in a UTF-8 enabled reader like Yelp.

If we have manpages which have been translated into legacy encodings, that's something that needs updating, not something we want to waste effort backporting to support. UTF-8 is the standard, all languages can use it, and all current free-software translation efforts do use it.

A lot of the translated manpages are old packages. We need them updated. I think it makes more sense to focus on getting them updated, standardize the process, and make it possible for UTF-8 manpages to be read. Once mainstream readers like Yelp are available for UTF-8 manpages, more translators will be motivated to update their manpages. (Integrating po4a into interfaces like Pootle will encourage a lot more translation, since that means manpages available in PO format.)

I've been hoping to get manpage-translation standardized through the Translation Project, but I need to test my pilot manpage more. What's held the testing up has been the lack of UTF-8 manpage readers. ;)

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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