Re: Wiki-style documentation editing

--- Matthew East <mdke ubuntu com> wrote:

> Soon it will be possible to simply work in the wiki
> all the time, if you
> choose to adopt that road -

Interesting project.
It's often occurred to me that there are a number of
shortcuts that could be taken to turn wiki-type text
into DocBook.

For example, if we agree that a menu command is always
introduced with the word 'choose' (which I think is
what the style guide recommends anyway), then the
parser can pick up on this.
You'd write in the wiki: 
Choose File -> Open...

and the parser would figure out to wrap all that up in
all the many docbook tags (guimenu, guimenu item, etc)

I was going to add this and other ideas to the wiki
you've linked to but it requires a login.

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