Re: Successor to DocBook

Hi :o)

[snipsnip snip, here's what's left]

> > > It's not really so sudden.  The idea of replacing DocBook has been
> > > floating around for years now.  Discussions have happened in lots
> > > of places, including IRC.  (Sidebar: somebody please create an IRC
> > > client that doesn't suck.  Allow me to select a range of discussion
> > > and send it to a mailing list for public consumption and archival
> > > with no more than three clicks.)

What is wrong with xchat-gnome - apart from the stability and the fact
that it is far from finished ? I'm sure a plugin for this functionality
could be easily hacked up for this...

> I have looked at DITA.  It looked somewhat promising at first,
> but we have a fundamental difference in design philosophy.  My
> design philosophy is "as simple as possible, and no simpler."
> This could also be restated as "make life easier for everybody
> involved."

Would/could we have Mallard import/export utilities to/from DocBook/DITA
etc ?

> I completely agree that the lack of a free XML
> editor is a serious hindrance to our ability to
> recruit quality tech writers.

Conglomerate seems good, but unstable... If this gets finished one day
it would be great, wouldn't it ?

Love, Karderio 

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