Re: Wiki user guide

Shaun McCance wrote:
Now here's everybody's first chance to get in on the fun:
The code name for the project-as-a-whole is Project Mallard.
This is sort of an inside poke at DocBook.  But Mallard is
a dumb name for a help format.  So everybody:


That's right.  You can be forever immortalized by having named
the XML format that will take over the desktop documentation
world.  A decade from now, an aspiring young technical writer
will be learning this format in college, as it will then be the
industry standard.  And she'll be chatting with her professor,
and her professor will say, "When I was your age, we didn't
have $FORMAT.  And we had to walk uphill in snow over broken
glass to get to our text terminals to write documentation in
DocBook.  But that all changed when $PERSON galvanized the
industry by naming $FORMAT."
Sounds very interesting Shaun. Here's my attempts at naming;

Simplified Universal Documentation Markup Language (SUDML)
- Sud's cleaning up DocBook ;-)


DuckBook - ok this one's a joke

Semantic Help Text XML


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